The Team: The eventing team was founded in the autumn 2006. It consists of Kerstin and Hans-Christian, our horses and our dog and mascot Molly. We live in Faaborg - a small city by the sea on the south of the island Funen in Denmark. The horses that are in training is placed at Faaborg Riding Center in the village Millinge. Through the work in the team we will be able to support and help each other in achieving our ambitions and goals in eventing.


Kerstin Emilie Dallmann: I was raised in Aabenraa in the south of Jutland. it was also in Aabenraa Riding Club at Soenderskov by Jytte and Ulla Langschwager that I started riding at an age of 10. Because Soenderskov is an event riding club full of traditions I of course also had to do eventing.

When I was 19 I moved to Aalborg to work at the Sports Riding Club. Here i bought my first horse Alf Dalimo (Anton). He was a big red 6 years old Hannoveranian by Esprit (The same Sire as Hugo Simons ET). When i bought him he had made his first 1,20 show jumping contests. My intention was to use him for eventing but soon i discovered that this was a bad idea. Anton did not like the water and obstacles without paint, so instead I started ordinary show jumping and accomplished to jump some 1,20 and 1,30 competitions. In my last year as a Young Rider I was selected for the National Team sessions by former Young Rider / Junior trainer Arly Gundersen. After 2 years i sold Anton to an American who now uses him as hunter horse in the USA. 2 years after my move to Aalborg i moved on to work at Arden Sport Riding Club. Here I bought a 5 year old DW mare by Akhan Z. This horse I also rode in show jumping. 

After some years where I rode some horses I could borrow or horses I only had for shorter periods, In the autumn 2006 I bought Boegens Athos. I bought Athos from Irene Brown and Niels Groendahl at Stoevring Hingstedepot. My ambitions for Athos are big and I hope he will live up to this.

Besides riding i am working as teacher at Hyldehoejskolen in Middelfart.

Hans-Christian Hovmand: I started riding shortly after my confirmation in 1984 where my Grandfather gave me a pony. Unfortunately I was allready then too tall for the pony so instead i borrowed my mothers horse - a thorughbred/Trakhener combination called Pascal. I went to the riding school in Faaborg who was at that time located at a mansion by the name Steensgaard. We had a swedish instructor, Ragnar Gustaffson, who had been working at the Swedish national Stud in Flyinge and who had allways been an event rider. Two years after my first riding lesson I participated in my first eventing competition and from that day i have been completely addicted to this sport.

My next horse was Baldrian, whom I bought as yearling. He was my true companion for many years in a lot of competitions at minor levels in eventing. I had a lot of good times and I got some experience that has been useful in the years after. Lady Leonardo was the first horse wich I rode at advanced levels. At that time you still had the steeplechase at the CCI's. That was quite a challenge for a Danish Warmblood without any particular thoroughbred in its venes, but Lady had the currage and faith as only a few so she carried me practically through the tuffest courses so far. When Lady retired I bought Kilimanjaro xx. This time I had a real thoroughbred with lots of experience.

Right now I am competing with Ladybird and Location, who are two horses with whom I have big expectations.

When I am not riding I am working as Logistic manager at BROEN in Assens.

Molly: Molly is a 6 year old Labrador. She loves to chase ducks and bathe in the sea or in the water complexes. She accompanies us every day when we go to the stables and thinks it is quite okay if she gets a carrot or a lump of bread. She is getting used to the horses and finds them OK as long as they are not making any loud noises. But she loves going with them for a walk in the forrest. Molly goes with us to the competitions and likes to demonstrate how to jump the fences.


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