The Horses

entered in alphabetic order.

 Bĝgens AthosAthos was born in 2001. He is 62% thoroughbred Sire: Aarking xx and Grand Sire: Mangold. He did in the season 2006 participate in 4 CNC90 and one CNC100 with good results. In 2007 we went some CNC100's and in the 2008 season he is going to make his debute in CNC1*. Besides this he has participated in 110 and 120cm show jumping. Athos is very cooperative and has not yet refused on any types of obstacles.


 Kiliboy: Kiliboy was born in 2004. His father is Kilimanjaro xx and Dam: Lady Leonardo. He is brother to Ladybird. During the winter 2008 he will commence his education to be a eventing horse, but he will not make competitioins before the 2009 season.


 Kilimanjaro xx: Kilimanjaro was a black Thoroughbred who lived 1991-2004. He was son of Sparkler xx and African Song xx. He started his carreer as a racohorse. 5 years old he had his debute in eventing. As 6 yearing he made his first 1* competition. When he was 7 he participated in the World Championship for young horses in Lion d'Angers. The year after this I (Hans-Christian) got the opportunity to own and ride this magnificant horse. We participated in the Danish Championship in Aalborg in 2000 at 2* level and in the famous competition in Luhmühlen also at 2* level. Kilimanjaro is the father of Ladybird and Kiliboy.


 Lady Leonardo: Lady is a brown mare born in 1986. Sire: Leonardo II, Grand Sire: Weibfang. She was originally bought for breeding purposes but showed big alent for eventing. She was placed in several national and international 1* competitions. She also participated in 2* competitions - among others in Bonn Rodderberg. In the years 1997 and 1998 she participated in the Dansish championships. She is now retired and is the mother of Ladybird and Kiliboy.


 Ladybird: Ladybird was born in 2003. She is by Kilimanjaro xx and Lady Leonardo. She is well on the way in her education and are competing in the lower levels hoping to be ready for 1* competitions in 2010.


 Location: Location is a brown gelding born in 1997. Sire: Locato (Holst) Grand Sire: Romino (holst). Location has been competing in 110 and 120cm show jumping. He made his first eventing competition in 2006. In the 2007 season he went some CNC100's and participated 2 times an 1* level. In the season 2009 he  debuted in CNC2* at the Danish Championships.

Rachmaninov: Rachmaninov is a stallion born in 2006. Sire: Blue Hors Romanov, Grand Sire: Ragazzo.


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